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comment form May 28, 2010 0 Replies 0. Grinding is where two or more crystals are attached to the same shard. If so, you can do the same, either by diving back into the guide or asking on our forums. If you have a question about game mechanics, like how to play certain classes, check out our forums. Some of the guides there are rather outdated but it can give you an idea of how to play the game. Also be sure to check the forum FAQ, but if you can't find the answer there, ask me or one of the other staff members here and I'm sure we can help you out. May 28, 2010 0 Replies 0. I've heard some times the guilds were destroyed in this expansion. I am in the guild and have been in it for a few expansions. Are the guilds completely destroyed or do they take on a new form? One that is less powerful but requires a lot of work and will not be there forever. May 28, 2010 1 Reply 0. If you've ever been a member of a guild, you know that it is easier to make than to join one. The average person will not be able to create one for a few reasons. The first is that you need to have a character. If you do not, you will need to make one and get a staff member to join it for you. The second is that you need to know what the guild is looking for. If you do not, you will not be able to join the guild. Third, you need to be a good person. If you are not, you will not get the opportunity to join a guild. Finally, you need to have a job. If you do not have a job you will not be able to get the money to pay the rent or utility bills. I know it may be hard but it is possible. Don't give up. May 28, 2010 0 Replies 0. Don't give up. Guilds are a hard place to be, especially at the beginning. Even veteran players have to go through trial and error to get where they want to be. There are plenty of different ways to do things, from professions to skills. You may be best off looking for a guild that is looking for people with a certain skill. May 28, 2010 0 Replies 0. Don't be afraid to message




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Imperia Online Script 46 2022

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